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Nordic Property Construction

Property in Turkey from Nordic Property Construction

Almost everyone has visited Turkey at least ones. This unique country is perfect a resort region where you meet high European quality, distinguished hotel service and excellent facilities, the opportunity to have a great time on the best beaches in the world, enjoy different leisure activities, visit beautiful places and sights. However, you can discover a completely different Turkey, a bright, colorful, original country, which is located outside the usual hotels and standard tourist routes. That is why, from year to year, more and more foreign citizens who have appreciated all the advantages of the Mediterranean lifestyle, become owners of Turkish real estate.

Why Turkey is so attractive for foreign investors?

The Mediterranean coast of the country is a paradise located in a favorable climate area. Excellent environmental conditions, beautiful sunny weather, healthy air filled with smell of various trees contribute to the improvement and maintenance of an active lifestyle at any age. The coastline has a length of 8,000 km, the sea is warm and very clean, thant's why more and more beaches receive the international award of Blue Flag for safety and environmental friendliness of the coastal line. You can relax here almost all year round.

A perfect level of facilities attracts buyers as well. Turkish cities have highways, international airports, green parks and walking areas, shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment facilities, schools, colleges, universities, excellent medical care - everything that provides life with harmony, comfort and safety. In addition, the Turks themselves are a very open nation. They gladly make acquaintances among foreigners and in every possible way help them to adapt to the new society.

It is worth to note the optimal ratio of cost and quality of project. The prices in Turkey are much cheaper than the price of such property in Europe. Investment attractiveness increases due to constant innovations and simplifications of the rules for buying housing by foreign citizens at the government level. It includes low taxes, easy process of getting a residence permit, citizenship, paperwork for the property purchase, low cost of electricity and bills.

Property in Turkey from the developer - the benefits

The Turkish real estate market is developing very actively and offers a huge variety of objects for potential buyers - from luxury mansions and villas near the sea to well-maintained apartments in residential complexes. One of the best options for buying an apartment in Alanya is to purchase property directly from a development company.

Apartments in Turkey from the developer have several advantages:

Due to the high demand for Turkish property and the development of the market, there is a competition for their potential customers among the construction companies. This leads to a natural increase in the quality of construction, using modern materials and new technologies. In addition, companies strictly abide by the predetermined official deadlines for finishing the projects.
Property prices in Turkey from the developer are very affordable, especially if you buy apartments at the construction stage. By investing in a project under construction, it is possible not only to save a lot, but also to make some adjustments regarding the layout, design decisions, finishing works.
Development companies offer customers advantageous conditions when they need to buy an apartment in Turkey from the developer: a fixed cost, no extra charges and overpayments, discount programs, installment payments for years and mortgage lending.
When buying property in Mediterranean region, for example, an apartment in Alanya from a developer, you get the opportunity to make a profit with further resale or renting out your property.
As a result, you are applying for an object that a costruction company has built, which means it is the final responsible link in the transaction that will provide comprehensive information on construction, official documentation, which helps to establish trustworthy honest relations between the seller and the buyer.
International construction company Nordic Property Construction is engaged in the construction of high-quality multi-functional housing on the Mediterranean coast. We know that one of the most important tasks that potential buyers place on the developer is to embody the best expectations regarding the comfort and convenience of their future home, so we use only high-quality materials, new technologies, select the best layout options.